2011 was a challenging year for me with a log of changes (hopefully this week I will get in a blog of 2011 in Review).  Most of the changes were difficult, but also god at the same time.  Of course with changes there is stress and emotions running wild. What does a girl do?  Turn to food!  What a surprise.

I knew that I was eating emotionally, but after leaving a relationship were I felt restricted on food, I didn’t care.  Unfortunately I am paying for it now as I have gained at least 15 lbs over 2011.  Hitting my current weight on the scale scared me as I don’t want to be there again!  The solution?

The Dukan Diet.  After visiting the website I found out that I will reach my true weight by July 25, 2012 and that I will follow 3 of the 4 phases.

Join me on this journey as I post on my progress and see if this diet really works and if the pounds will really stay off.  I will be updating this page with my posts so you have a central place to come to in order to follow my journey.  If you have concerns or questions about the diet, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer you the best I can.

Series Outline:
Dukan Diet: Attack Phase
Dukan Diet: Attack Phase Day 1
Dukan Diet: Attack Phase Day 2
Dukan Diet: Attack Phase Day 3
Dukan Diet: Attack Phase Day 4
Dukan Diet: Cruise Phase
Dukan Diet: Candies, Cookies, and Chips. Oh My!
Dukan Diet: Cruise Phase Week 1
Dukan Diet: Not Quitting, Just Moving On
Dukan Diet: Consolidation Phase
Dukan Diet: Food Substitution
Dukan Diet: Phase for Life
Dukan Diet: Noodle Bowl
Dukan Diet: Protein Thursdays
Dukan Diet: Keeping it Off
Dukan Diet: Shedding the Last 10lbs & Update a Year Later

Do you prefer a diet plan or healthy lifestyle living?  Do you find it hard to stick to it? Tell me all about it by commenting below! I’d love to hear from you.