Last hmmm… March… that’s right… I made delicious brownies!  I don’t make brownies often and when I have they were from a box.  But these brownies were the best tasting brownies ever!  Even better than ones from a box.  So of course the recipe made it onto my blog.  Yes, I know it’s not healthy but I couldn’t resist.  From that emerged a brownie bake off contest.  I was going to do the contest a few weeks later and post it on my blog but with the end of the semester papers & exams and work and well, just life I totally forgot and it left my mind.  About a week ago I remembered it when my boyfriends Mom had made brownies and long story short she gave them to me and it spurred on the revival of the Best Brownie Ever Contest.  Of course it wouldn’t be very fair to put in my own recipe that I had found, so I made the 2 recipes I received (one on my blog and one by email) and included the ones made from the box.  Following is how the contest went… Oh and the reveal of the winner of course!

From the above picture you can see that I put out the 3 brownies.  I made a slip of paper that people had to rate each brownie and a question asking which brownie was made from a box.  Could they tell the difference?

Here are the rules:

I had a strawberry cookie jar they placed their votes in… not really important, just a place to put their important results.

Now one recipe called for nuts and one recipe called for chocolate chips.  To be fair I excluded these items from the recipe because I don’t like nuts in brownies and I would definitely pick the one with the chocolate chips even if it didn’t taste as good as the one with the nuts.  There was equality among the brownies.

There were 3 groups of people that tested the brownies with a result of 16 votes.  Some votes were ties, so in that case I gave a point to each brownie that was in a tie which equaled to a total count of 23 all together (I’m not that great at math but it made sense to me at the time… it didn’t really affect the results that much).

Thank you to all of you who helped judge the contest!  I appreciate you all taking part and eating lots of brownies so I wouldn’t have to eat them at home!

First to which one was from the box…

 Brownie #2

Not all guessed at which one was from a box, but if you guess #2 then you were RIGHT and are AWESOME.  Only 3 people thought it was 1 of the other two brownies.

And now for the big reveal….

The winner of the Best Brownie Ever Contest is…..    drum roll please….

Brownie #3

Congratulations, Nicole on winning the Best Brownie Ever Contest.

Your Prize:  A container of Hershey’s Cocoa and a separate post with your recipe.

The consolation prize goes to …

Brownie #1

Congratulations, Paula who faithfully comments on my blog and who was the first to submit a recipe!

Your Prize: A boxed brownie mix

Thank you both for submitting great recipes!

Did you know that for both homemade recipes I used whole wheat flour?  Did you even notice?  Maybe that’s what helped you know which one was the boxed brownie, although I’m not sure about you other 3 who didn’t choose #2 as the boxed brownie.  Do you eat boxed brownies very often?  Or do you prefer them from scratch?

To see the original post with my brownie recipe and Paula’s (in the comment section) visit Best Brownie Ever.