As some of you know I am cleaning houses for a part time job while I’m in school.  At some houses we get little treats or tips, but my favourite house so far was a man who gave us recipes.  He even gave us some seeds to help us out with the recipe.  Not everyone has cumin and coriander seeds kicking around.

I decided to add this soup to my Dukan Diet Series because you can have it in all phases depending on how you serve it.  In this post I will explain how dish it up in a variety of ways and of course give you the recipe!

Attack Phase:  In the attack phase simply make the broth and only add the meat.  I know, sounds boring, but this is what a dear friend of mine did and she loved it.  It does help that the broth is full of flavour!  She decided to have her meat on the side.
We had plain grilled salmon (you can pretty much put any kind of fish or chicken in this soup).

Cruise Phase:  In this phase you can add the meat plus the veggies, along with the broth of course.  Shredded carrots, bean sprouts, or other veggies that are allowed in this phase.  Remember, there are certain veggies that are still a no-no here (like the snow peas).

Consolidation Phase:  In this phase you can have everything in the soup, which the only thing missing in the other phases is the noodle.  Make the soup and add the noodle and enjoy.  But since the noodle is one of the carbs, you will have to have the soup as a celebration meal.

Phase for Life:  In this phase you can have the soup anytime you would like and with everything in it.  You can also enjoy this soup on Protein Thursdays by making it as it is for the Cruise Phase.

[This is part of the Dukan Diet series.  Check out the rest of the posts by clicking HERE.]

Now for the recipe that you all have been waiting for or have scrolled down and bypassed all that chit-chat above!  By the way, the recipe can be found on a Campbell’s soup can.  I’m not sure which one – maybe it is the chicken broth.

2 boxes (900 ml each) of chicken broth (no salt is best)
1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
12 coriander seeds (yes, we counted them out!)
12 cumin seeds (counted these out too)
4 whole cloves
3 sprigs mint
2 cinnamon sticks
1 lime, cut into 8 wedges (we used lemon juice instead)
1/2 lb. of boneless, skinless chicken breast or shrimp or salmon cooked
6 oz thin rice noodles (rice vermicelli)
6 oz matchstick-cut uncooked snow peas (2 cups/ 500 ml)
1 cup matchstick-cut uncooked carrots
1/2 cup of bean sprouts

1. Combine broth, soy sauce, coriander, cumin, cloves, 2 mint sprigs, cinnamon, 4 lime wedges (or lemon).  Heat to a boil.  Reduce to low heat.
2.  Simmer about 15 minutes.  Strain broth to remove seasoning pieces and return broth to saucepan.  Add cooked meat.  Heat to a boil.  Cook noodles in broth for 2 minutes, to soften and loosen.
3.  Divide noodles among 4 noodle or soup bowls and top each with portion of chicken and vegetables.  Pour hot broth immediately into each bowl.  Garnish with lime wedge and mint leaf.

– We did not add the meat until we put the noodles and veggies into the bowl, that way the broth is just broth and you can pour it over what you want in your bowl.
– We have had shrimp and salmon so far, I’m sure the chicken is great too.
– We didn’t have whole cloves so we used about 1/4 tsp of ground cloves
– We used about 2 tbsp of lemon juice instead of lime wedges
– tofu can be used as another option (I’m not familiar with tofu so you are on your own for that one)
– we didn’t garnish with lime or extra mint leaf
– we also did not use snow peas

What is your favourite noodle bowl?  Have you made one on your own or save it to buy at a restaurant? Do you have a fav. restaurant to get your noodle bowl?  I would love to hear from you, leave a comment below!

[This is part of the Dukan Diet series.  Check out the rest of the posts by clicking HERE.]

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