I haven’t written on exercise in a while.  Probably because I haven’t really been doing any so why would I want to confess to all of you that I have been sitting on the coach watching Netflix and eating not so great!  I can’t tell you that!  I’m suppose to be living a healthier lifestyle.

Well, for me living a healthier lifestyle isn’t always easy!  Most times it’s hard.  Good for you if you can easily say NO to all that stuff that isn’t good for you but your body tells you that it’s better because it gratifies your instantly and easier to get something quick when you live alone or when you are tired.

Not a good way to think.  I don’t know about you but I end up eating food loaded with carbs and fat – the easy stuff to get a hold of.  I’ve recently went from student to working 2 jobs for the summer equaling full time work.  I’m not use to it so I’m tired at night and don’t want to exercise – the TV goes on instead.  I want my sleep in the morning since I have to be at work for 8am and during the school year I’m not even out of bed by then except for on class days.

Some of you are morning people.  Some of you have stellar discipline.  Some of you can take off the pounds as quick as some of us can put them on.  That’s awesome for you!  Then there are people like me. I’m the opposite of you.  I need to work at it.  I need to stop being lazy!  I need to work on things even harder when I have change and transitions in my life (like right now – also in a new town, a new house, new jobs…).

So what is going to help me this summer to get back into living a healthier lifestyle?

  1. Ease into 5K App
  2. A fresh veggie garden that I am already getting veggies from
  3. Getting more sleep and less TV
  4. Drinking more water
  5. Saying NO a little more often to those goodies I can do without

I better stop there before I give myself too much to accomplish and then not be able to do it because it’s just too much!  Has that ever happened to you?  I’ll let you know how things go over the rest of the summer.  Which I might add, is going by too quickly!

What are your struggles with trying to live a healthier lifestyle?

Picture taken from: Healthy Lifestyles Living: Mind Body and Soul