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I’ve recently moved … again … to a little town in Nova Scotia.  It has been so long that I have lived in a small town and in the Maritimes I had forgotten some of the things that I love about the Maritimes the most.  Living in a city for 9 years, attending and working in a church of an average attendance of 130, and not socializing so much with your neighbours makes a person forget about the small town feel of a church of an average of 40 and a place where everyone knows everyone.

The first week that I was here (just to fill you in, I moved here to take a ministry position as the Children’s Pastor at a church here … as well as attending school for my Masters of Divinity) there was a ladies Bible study that I went to.  The unique part is what happened after we met.  The husbands and some others came over to the house we were at and all had a “lunch” together.  Homemade brown bread and rhubarb sauce.  Yum!  There was 12 of us sitting around the kitchen table laughing, telling stories, eating, having a good ‘ol time.

This happens often.  Sometimes planned, sometimes random.  People come over and gather in the kitchen.  Sitting around the table with a cup of coffee or tea and visiting with each other.  If you are really lucky there will be someone who is musical and grab a guitar.  It’s normal here.  It’s the kitchen party.  It goes way back… older than I am.  I’m sure there is more history to it.  But one thing for sure, if you are a Maritimer chances are you’ve experience a kitchen party at some point in your life.

I hope that I can have many people come through my door and gather around the kitchen table to enjoy life together.  To enjoy friendship.  To enjoy food.  To enjoy each other the way we were intended to.  Not locked up in our own houses in our own lives, but sharing life together.

If your my way, come for a cup of tea … or coffee.

What about you?  Had a kitchen party lately?