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A blank Post.

This is what happens when you write a bunch of posts and schedule them.  But one of them you leave to the end and think, “I will get to it next week and actually write something in it.  I want to do this post justice so I’m waiting to get a hold of a book where I originally got my information from.  So the post didn’t get written.  Two days ago I remembered it was coming out and I was going to write another post in it’s place, which I still plan on doing, but haven’t yet.  It should be out within the hour.  I’m not in my regular routine as it is a week of visiting my parents, my niece, cousins, friends, attending an Awana conference, the Leadership Summit, and on Saturday a weekend course for school.  So have my days been a little messed up – yes.  Which brings to the importance of looking at a calendar everyday.

So if you have come here to learn about the Superfood – Chia, then you will have to wait until next week!  Today you get 2 posts – a blank post (which is no longer blank) and a post on how to make orange candles – which is fantastically awesome!

Has this every happened to you?