I normally don’t blog about this kind of thing, but for me reading the Bible is part of having a healthy lifestyle.  I normally focus on exercise and healthy eating (which I have been terrible at lately – especially since I have been back in school full time), but this is something that
feeds my soul, my heart, and my mind.  It draws me closer to Jesus and builds my relationship with him.  I’m going to leave it open.  I’m going to leave my Bible open.  This is a challenge given to a church by the Pastor.

Leave it open all the time.  That’s right a Pastor challenged everybody to leave their Bible open all the time.  It sounds kind of basic or maybe even silly, but it makes sense.  If you are a Bible reader how often do you read it, then close it and set it aside?  Is it in a place where you see it daily.  Does it get put to the side and then forgotten about?  If your Bible is left open in plain sight, in a place that you would see at least once a day wouldn’t it be a great reminder to read your Bible.  Even if it was only a verse or two at a time.

I heard about this challenge from my Mom.  It was the Pastor from her church that gave this challenge.  My parents have really grown since they have been going this church and my Mom seemed excited about this challenge.  Now both of my parents are leaving their Bibles open.  It is exciting for me to hear this!  So today I will open my Bible and leave it open while it is in my home.  I’ve decided to leave it open on the kitchen table.  At some point in the day I know I will eat at least one meal a day there and I often sit at the table to do schoolwork.  I think it will urge me to read it more.  Instead of it being somewhere closed and forgetting about it.

You might not read the Bible.  Maybe it is something else – a self help book or even a novel.  Reading is good for a person, especially when it is something that is uplifting and going to bring about change in a persons life (that’s where the “healthy lifestyle” comes in).  Wether it’s the Bible or the latest Dr. Phil or Oz book leave it open in a place where you will see it often.  Here is a double challenge for some of you out there: If you don’t read the Bible get one and leave it open and start to read it.  I’d start with the book of John and go from there.  You never know it might change your life.

So from today forward I will leave it open… on the table… and be more active in reading the Bible.  I’m going to test out and see if the Pastor’s theory works.  I have a hunch that it will.

Will you join me in the challenge and leave it open?