Caterpillar CupcakeHave I mentioned that I love decorating cupcakes!  I like making them too, but the best part is decorating them.  My last post about cupcakes was about mixing Jello in the frosting.  This time around I coloured the cupcakes to make a fun caterpillar.  This was for my little buddies birthday party.  He turned 4.  What 4 year old doesn’t want a caterpillar made of cupcakes on his birthday?

How to Colour your Cupcakes:

  1. It is super simple!  I was so surprised at how vibrant the colours were after the cupcakes were baked.
  2. Make a vanilla cake mix
  3. Separate the mix into 5 different bowls
  4. Add desired amount of Wilton gel colour into a bowl and mix together.  Repeat for each bowl using a different colour.
  5. After each bowl is mixed with the colour of your choice put in muffin cups in the pan as you would for normal cupcakes and bake according to your recipe.
  6. If you want a rainbow cupcake, layer your colours.  I had some left over colour so I put two colours in one cupcake.

coloured cupcakescoloured cupcakesI frosted the caterpillar cupcakes with a new frosting recipe I found, which might just be my go to recipe from now on, and added Lime Jello to make a green colour for the caterpillar.  The book where I found the idea used white frosting.  I think the green frosting added to the look of the caterpillar.

purple cupcake

purple cupcake inside

Would you rather bake & decorate the cupcakes or eat them?  Drop me a line in the comments.  I would love to hear from you!

Today’s Cupcake Creation came from The Cupcake Bible purchased from Khol’s while visiting Texas over the Christmas holidays.