no-kissesOne day I was in the grocery store and I was craving something sweet.  Mmmm… cookies… chocolate… something with sugar.  You see I have given up sweets, candy, and any foods that have more than 10g of sugar in the daily serving.  This was about week two or three.  I’ve done fairly well, but this particular day was a difficult one.

I was walking around with a sugar craving and I saw Hershey’s Candy Kisses on sale.  I’ll just get a bag and have a few.  I had them in my hand…then in my cart.  I continued to walk around.  I started to think maybe this was a bad idea.  I could get them and save them for Sunday (During Lent Sunday’s don’t count).  But who am I kidding.  If I bought them they would so be in my mouth as soon as I got in the car.  I came to the granola bar isle.  I actually found a granola bar that had chocolate on it that was 10g of sugar right on the money.  So I decided to get those instead because it at least was on the no more than 10g of sugar rule.

I finally finished getting what I needed along with a few extra items and headed to the check out counter.  The kisses were still in my cart.  In my mind I think I was debated wether to keep them since I put them in there.  Finally I took them from my cart and left them behind.  I said NO to those kisses!  I would have to be satisfied with the granola bars.  And thankfully I was.

I’m glad that I now can put something back that I know is not healthy for me.  At some point again I will be able to eat those delicious things, but for now I really do need to take a break from them.  After lent is over, I plan to keep to this rule for a while, until I get to the point where I can eat a moderate portion of something sweet.  No more kisses and eating 5 cookies at once!

If you are participating in Lent, how is it going for you?