Easter CupcakesI saw these on Pinterest and wanted to make them so badly!  I found the Peeps at a great price at Walmart along with the cupcake tower.  I also saw a kit that was a 56 piece set of tips, couplets, and flower holder in its own case on sale!  Problem – no money for something extra like that.  My parents still get us an Easter treat or present (Yes, we kids are all in our 30’s and Mom and Dad still treat us!  My parents are AWESOME) so I thought I should ask Mom and tell her she only had to get me one thing and no treats (which will help with the healthy eating – hopefully).  I called and she said, “Yes, that takes care of that!”  WooHoo!  New piping tips to play with.  Problem – I’m suppose to be doing schoolwork,
not decorating cupcakes. (Mom, in case you are reading, you can ignore that!)

Now I have these awesome Easter Cupcakes, which didn’t take long to decorate at all, but I have no one to eat them.  Thankfully my parents are arriving today for Easter Weekend.  So if you know where I live come on by for a cupcake!  If you don’t know where I live, I’m sorry, others will enjoy them for you!

Easter CupcakesTip about the grass #233 tip: I tried to use left over frosting that I put jello crystals in and it did not come through the tip very well.  Perhaps there was some crystals that didn’t allow it to come through nicely.  I had left over frosting in a can and that worked great.  I know it’s not homemade but when you are in the middle of the end of the term it is much faster making cupcakes from a box and frosting them from pre-made stuff.

Easter CupcakesHave a blessed Easter, and remember it is not about the Easter Bunny and all the chocolate.  It is about Jesus and him bearing the cross for our sins (Good Friday) and then raising from the grave three days later (Easter Sunday).  He is risen, He is risen indeed!  I encourage you all to attend church this Sunday and hear about Jesus and what he has done for you.  Or pick up the most famous book around and read about it in the book of Mark.

Have you checked out any of the Bible mini-series on the History channel?  Leave me a comment below!  I’d love to hear from you!

Best table centre piece ever!