21day fixI’m about to start a second round of the 21 Day Fix.

Before I do, let me tell you a little bit about the Fix and my experience with round 1.

The 21 Day Fix consists of daily, 30 min exercise videos and healthy eating using little containers to help with portion controls. I heard about the program after starting to follow some people on Instagram who were involved with BeachBody. I was familiar with BeachBody because of doing Insanity with a friend. I got to the breaking point of really needing to take a drastic step in order to get fit and feel healthy.

I remember getting the Fix in the mail. I opened it up and thought, “Seriously, these are the containers that I get to eat from. They are so little!” It turns out that you can have more then 1 container a day depending on your calorie count. What I liked about it is that I didn’t have to count calories. I just put it in to the container and if it fits, I eat it.

My 21 days of the Fix was a journey of ups and downs. There were days I wanted the junk food and days I didn’t want to put on my sneakers. But I conquered both and said no to the desserts and put on those sneakers. I learned a lot about myself and living healthy. I truly found something that worked for me. (Remember that blog post I wrote about finding what works for you?) I was never able to follow an eating plan or stick with an exercise routine for that long before. After all, 21 days isn’t that long.

At the end of the Fix I did lose weight and inches. I decided that I wanted to see if the healthy patterns would continue after the 21 days. I stuck with the Fix for a couple of weeks, but not as strict as the first 21 days. i wanted to see if I could choose healthy options and portion control and keep working out. I did for about 2 weeks. Then the end of the semester stress came a long and fitness and healthy eating began to slowly drop away.

Then I was out of the country for 3 weeks and when you are in another country you need to try their food! But now I have been back for two months and I still haven’t gotten back into a routine. The thing is that I know that this works for me. I feel better, have more energy, and enjoy life more when I am eating healthier and exercising.

So I am committing myself to not just 21 Days but to 60 Days of health and fitness. I will do this through the help of my BeachBody Couch and an online group that she leads. I will do this through writing posts about my journey.  Some posts will be from Instagram journals I wrote from my first round of the Fix and other posts will be new. This keeps me accountable and I hope that it will encourage others along the way.

Check out the video for more about the fix and be sure to come back daily to be inspired and take a journey for 21 days and beyond.

If you would like more info on the fix or join a challenge group contact these awesome ladies:

For my Canadian readers: Megan

For my U.S. readers: Brandy

P.S. I’ll post daily for 21 days, after that I will post once a week until I complete the 60 Day Challenge Group.

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