The taste.  The smell.  The thickness of it.  The endless options to put in it.  Coffee, that’s what I’m talking about.  I like a good cup of coffee in the morning.  I have slowed down since about a year ago when I had to stop drinking coffee altogether.  But I started up again last Spring!

I could drink lattes again that weren’t decaf!  I was able to drink coffee again and feel no pain!  That was exciting.  But the last couple of weeks have been sad.  The sad realization that I am going to have to give up coffee once more.  I wonder if it will be harder to give up coffee than it was to give up Facebook?

I’ve done it once, so I can do it again.  Right?  I just love the taste and the feel of coffee.  I love adding eggnog or chocolate milk and maple syrup.  Oh and my favourite, a little cod liver oil, just kidding!  Coffee is comfort.  Coffee is good.  Do you get my drift?

I love tea.  I have a variety of loose leaf tea (which is way better then tea in a bag – sorry Tetley).  It’s just not the same.  I don’t add anything to it so it is like drinking flavoured water, which I don’t mind but I just don’t get the same feeling as when I drink coffee.  It’s different.


The answer:  Coffee Pu’erh

It is a tea!  I had never heard of it before until one day I visited David’s Tea in the city.  I thought I would try it out.  Today is the first time I’ve had some.  It’s dark!  It looks like coffee.  Not the same taste of coffee, but I think it will do the job.  I thought of adding a little eggnog to see what happens.  Today I will just have it black.  Here is what David says about this tea:

“Pu’erh has come a long way since its heyday as a tribute tea to Chinese emperors a thousand years back. It’s still got that legendary healing power, but the new “cooked” varieties are really something special.  it combines coffee, chocolate and a touch of caramel flavour.  Rich, smooth, aromatic and subtly sweet.  Even your coffee-addict friends will go crazy for it.”

As I take another sip it kind of reminds me of after being out in the snow all afternoon and your mittens are soaked and your hands smell like sweat and wet mittens and you can kind of taste it in your mouth.  Now I know you really want to try it!

Would you ever give up coffee?

Cup of Coffee Pu’erh
Looks Like Coffee to me!

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