The first phase of the Dukan Diet is the Attack Phase.  I only stay in this phase for 4 days and then I hit the Cruise Phase (which I stay on for 83 days).  The Consolidation Phase is the third phase which I stay on for 118 days.

Are you wondering what I can eat on this diet?  For the Attack Phase I can eat as much lean beef, venison, poultry, shell fish, and fish as I want.  There are few other things like liver, kidneys, and tongue (all of beef, veal, or poultry) that I am allowed but they will not be touching these lips of mine!  Really, tongue!?  Who eats that?

I can also have 2 eggs every day.  There is a recipe for a pancake that is packed with protein that is very tasty that I can have.  I can have non-fat dairy products, 1 1/2 tablespoons of oat bran (goes into the pancake), and 1 1/2 quarts of water per day (the water is very important).

There are a couple of extras like sugar free gum to keep the mouth busy if craving sweets, sugar free pop like Coke Zero to also swing those cravings.  Spices, herbs, onions, and shallots are also allowed to add to my cooking so I will want to keep eating the food.  There are a few other things I’m allowed to eat, but I don’t like them, so I am not even going to mention them.  If you want to know I guess you will have to go out and buy the book!

This is the first phase – the Attack!  As I enter each phase I will write a little bit about it and track my progress.  I will be tracking this first phase each day.  As I enter into the other two phases I will post once a week on Fridays to let you know how the week has gone and give tips and recipes to help those who might choose to follow the Duken Diet.

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