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I found an interesting concept through a blog that I read (sorry I can’t remember where it was) and was fascinated.  It was such a great idea I wanted to try it.  I told my sister about it and found a video on Youtube to show her.  She was really excited to try it out.  She got to it before I did, but I thought I would share her results with you.  I’m talking about PIECAKEN!  What on earth is that?  I know, I thought the same thing when I first read about this delicious idea.

It is a cake with a pie inside.  That’s right!  You read it right.  We only made a one layer piecaken but we have seen pictures of a 3 layered piecaken.  So what do you do to make a piecaken?  It is pretty simple.

  1. Make a cake (we just used a cake mix but you could do it from scratch.
  2. Fill the cake pan almost half way.  Place pre-cooked pie (boughten or homemade) into the cake mix.  Be sure the pie is not frozen, is pre-cooked, and cold.
  3. Cover the pie with remaining cake mix.
  4. Cook in the oven following the directions of the cake recipe.
  5. After cooking time, cool and decorate as desired.  If more then one layer of cake, then be sure to stack on top of each other.

Our piecaken was a white cake with apple pie.  I think that a cherry pie would be great with chocolate cake!  The pie also sunk, but it was put in warm.  This will need to be perfected!

It’s that simple.  Try it out!  If you really want help on this, check out this video of Charles Phoenix making a Chrepumple Piecaken!

What flavours do you think would go great together?  Are you going to attempt this?