Early To Bed Early To RiseI really enjoyed my last challenge so I thought I would do another one for the month of May.  I’m starting to get back into exercising again. My problem is that if I don’t do it in the morning then I don’t really want to do it or get busy with something and then forget about.  I know, how could I ever forget to exercise!

I’m not a morning person, but I think it is because of not getting enough sleep.  I also know that I can get up early and exercise and do other things cause I have done it before with my wonderful workout buddies.  The problem is my workout buddies are back in Ontario and I’m in Nova Scotia, so I need to do it on my own this time.  I won’t have anyone knocking on my door at 6:30am and dragging me out of bed.

Perhaps this challenge is a double challenge with exercising in the morning.  I plan to either go for a walk/jog or do 30 Day Shred or a step workout.  I have a 5K route that is filled with hills, so it will be perfect for a nice walk in the morning, but I’ll have to make sure I get out the door right at 6 or else I might be late for work since it’s a good hour walk.

This challenge has nothing to do with the 30 Days to Rise Challenge that happened in March or the book Early To Rise: Learn to Rise Early in 30 Days by Andy Traub which I don’t plan on reading (but I gave you the link just in case).  This is something I’m doing for me as part of trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Sleep is important part of being healthy.  If you pay attention you can tell how much sleep your body needs.  I’m a 8 hrs kind of girl, although I could sleep much longer than that.  But that is the amount I need in order to not be grumpy in the morning.  Which means I have 15 minutes to get to bed.

The Plan Monday – Friday

  • To be in bed by 10 pm every night (but recognize times when this might not be possible)
  • Wake up at 6 am every morning (and recognize I might be grumpy the first few days)

The Weekend Plan

  • Bed by 11 pm (because who likes to go to be early on the weekend)
  • Wake up at 8 am (because everyone wants to sleep in a little bit – 1 extra hour!)

The point is to get a full 8 hrs sleep and have time to exercise and have coffee time with Jesus before I head to work.  I’m also hoping this gets me to work for 8.  And of course I’ll update you have way through and then when the challenge is complete!  This one might be a bit harder then the 30 Day Squat Challenge.

By the way, I’m focusing more on the “healthy” part of Benjamin Franklin’s words.

What’s your 30 Day Challenge this month? Will you join me?  Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!