BreakfastOne of the most important meals of the day they say. I loved breakfast during the Fix… especially when I had time to prepare it and take the time to really enjoy it.

Oatmeal – I’m not really a fan but paired with berries and Greek yoghurt makes a great breakfast… on and a few slices of Turkey Bacon (not in this picture but it was something that I had often. You are allowed 4 slices as 1 red container.)

Remember to bring variety into your meals. One way to do that with this combo is to change up the fruit. Add a little cinnamon on your oatmeal and fruit.

And every once in a while I switch up having coffee in the morning with tea. Delicious steeped black tea. The one in the picture is Almond Chocolate Torte. Delicious.

What’s your favourite breakfast foods? Do you eat breakfast everyday?

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