21 Day Fix Meal PrepTonight I prepped meals for the first time…. EVER! Yes, I went through 1 round of the Fix without prepping meals. I was lazy and also a student so I was home more often so I knew what was in the fridge and just got it out and put it in the containers and ate it. 

This time around, I haven’t done meal prep either. I have put together my snacks for the day either the night before or when I got up in the morning, but I haven’t done prep for more than 1 days worth of snacks or meals.

Tonight I decided I would. I had a huge sweet potato that I needed to cook up and some veggies that I had leftover from a veggie tray. I cooked up some cauliflower and broccoli – plain. I cooked up some pre-cooked chicken strips because let’s face it, they are quick and easy. My sister gave me some kale pesto she made, so I put that on the chicken. I mashed the sweet potatos and put in some garlicky dill (from epicure) and a little bit of the kale pesto.

I tried to estimate how much I would get when it was all cooked. I thought maybe four meals, but with the veg and sweet potato it turned out to be three. I didn’t use the container to measure that out first. And it’s kind of hard to measure out chunks of sweet potato when it’s raw and you are going to put it in the yellow container cooked and mashed. I did end up with 4 servings of chicken since I measured it out.

I’m excited that I have 3 meals prepped. One down fall I have is at the end of the day when I want something quick and easy. When I don’t have that on hand, then I am more tempted to go and find A&W or McD’s or wings and wedges at Superstore. At least for the next three days I know that I’ll have delicious healthy meals waiting for me!

As a single, I think prepping for 3 – 4 days makes sense for me. I’m not really into freezing food for later. As long as I eat what I made int he 3 – 4 days, it will still be fresh and not go bad. Perhaps if I was making a bigger dish then I might package it and freeze it. But for now I’ll stick with this plan.

Oh ya, and I need to invest in some containers so I don’t have to use baggies. Although the snack size bags work great!

How do you prep? How many meals at a time? What do you find easiest? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks as I am learning to prep my meals!

Meal Planning


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