My day is just about over and I have survived day 1 of the Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet.

How do I feel?  A bit hungry.  I might need to find a snack before bed.  Beef jerky is being made as we speak so maybe it will be ready and I can snag a piece of that!  Definitely excited to try it.  Earlier I felt a headache coming on, but it seems to have lifted … I think.  That could be the fact that I didn’t have sweets today!  First day in a long time that I didn’t have any sweets or candy.  I feel a little bit
tired, but that also could be from staying up later than usual lately.  I will get to bed at a decent time tonight.  Other than that I feel ok.  The book says I will start to feel really good and have lots of energy in a couple of days.  It also says that I won’t feel hungry by the second day.  I’ll let you know tomorrow night!

Todays Menu:

For breakfast (or should I say lunch – I slept in this morning):  scrambled eggs and a side of sardines in tomato sauce (only sardines we are allowed). We are also limited to 2 eggs per day.

Mid afternoon sack: beef cubes dipped in mustard (we aren’t allowed ketchup!) and a few sugar free pickles.

Supper:  Seafood chowder (shrimp, salmon, muscles, and some other seafood things mad in skim milk with a little bit of onion, chalets, dill seed, and pepper).  It was pretty tasty.  I did miss vegetables though.

Evening Snack:  Low-fat flavoured yogurt (we are not allowed yogurt with chunks of fruit in it).

I do think I need one more snack before bed.  I’ll find something.

I have also drank three classes of water, 2 cups of tea, and 1 cup of coffee (yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to drink coffee anymore – I’m working on it! See Coffee Pu’reh)

Side Note: My cat just decided to drink my water!  Thanks Milo!  I’m off to get new water and find a snack!

**UPDATE**  for my bedtime snack I am frying up some lean hamburger and putting some Greek Yogurt with it.  This is definitely a first!!  If you love meat you will love this diet!

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