I am thankful that today is the last day for the Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet.  I’ve had enough hamburger and I am looking forward to having some veggies tomorrow!  A turkey is going in the oven tonight and there is a lot of fish and chicken in the freezer.  These meats I can handle and I love, so that is good.  Tomorrow you will learn all about the Cruise Phase.

Pounds Lost:  1.6 lbs for a total of 3.8 lbs.  Tomorrow morning is my last weigh in for the Attack Phase.  I’m sure I will be over the 4 lb mark.  I wonder what my weight will be?

How I felt today:  Today was good because I didn’t go anywhere.  I was home, which makes the Attack Phase easier to regulate.
Although I did realize that I need to eat throughout the day so that I don’t get hungry.  That is when temptation to eat something “bad” for me comes into play.  I did feel hungry once today, but that is because I hadn’t eaten enough to keep me full or I should say enough times throughout the day.  Eating a lot of small meals and drinking lots of water through the day keeps me full, but today I just didn’t do that.  I will make sure I am eating more and drinking more water too.  I think because I didn’t do this it has kind of thrown my day off for eating wise and feeling hungry.  I must eat more!  With that said, today was a much better day than yesterday.  Sorry, no crazy stories for you today.

Todays Menu:
Breakfast:  I slept in… so there wasn’t breakfast.
Snack:  Did I mention I slept in!
Lunch: Poached egg, chicken strips, and pickles. (We are only allowed to have a certain amount and after that point they are considered a veggie.) I made the chicken strips the night before using the oat bran and herbs as a coating.  So this morning I didn’t get to have a galette.  Perhaps if we kept a better eye on the chicken strips we would have gotten them out of the oven earlier so they weren’t so dry and crunchy!  Next time less cooking time.
Afternoon Snack: I don’t think I really had one – hence the hunger by supper time.
Supper:  Seafood chowder
Evening Snack 1: Lemon Meringue fat free yogurt (I still haven’t heard from any of you if there is another fat free flavoured yogurt out there for me!)
Evening Snack 2: Imitation crab

Tomorrow I start the Cruise Phase, as I already mentioned.  This I am excited about.  I found out that I am working again tomorrow, so I am very glad that I can have veggies in my lunch!  I would like to crunch on a veggie right now, but I will wait.

In the evening I will post the final weigh in and about the Cruise phase.  I will tell you that in this phase I alternate protein and protein-veggie days.  I am limited to certain veggies, which is ok because I like pretty much all of them.  To find out what veggies I can and can’t have and more about this phase be sure to look for my update!

What kind of diets have you tried?  Did it work for you?  Leave me a comment below.

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