I would like to tell you all that I am glad this phase only lasts 4 days for me and on Friday I can eat veggies!  Now on to Day 3!

Pounds Lost:  Down 1.4 lbs this morning from yesterday for a grand total of 2.2 lbs.

How I felt Today:
I had to work (cleaning houses) which is a little rigorous so I was feeling a little bit tired at the first house. Maybe not so much tired, but weak.  I was talking with my partner in crime and she said she read that sometimes if you have low blood pressure to not drink the required amount of water because it flushes away the salt your body needs. (I haven’t read that yet.)  I’m sure that my body hasn’t been getting enough salt and I have definitely been drinking the required amount of water and more.  I haven’t been officially diagnosed with low blood pressure, but a specialist did tell me that my blood pressure is lower when I am standing.  Anyway, half way through the first house I had to get some water and I had a little snack of yogurt to pull me through.  After we were done I was able to have lunch and I was fine for the rest of the day.

I seemed to be less hungry today, except when I got home from work.  I was definitely craving chips and cookies today!
I had to go to Canadian Tire to pick something up and it was tempting to get something, especially because I was hungry.  But I refrained!  Success.  Then I got home and was hungry so I had some left over salmon (which later I found out was made in oil and flour – that wasn’t suppose to be for me!  Oops!).

I cooked my supper and just as I picked it up I dipped it on the floor and it went flying all over the place!  On the stove, the side of the freezer, up my sister’s pant leg and the dog was quick to dig his nose in and eat it up!  I through my spoon on the floor and said, “I hate this diet!”  Ok, I don’t hate it and I might have been a little bit over dramatic.  I was just really looking forward to eating my supper.  I remade my supper and was able to enjoy it (although a person can only eat so much hamburger).

My evening went well and I didn’t find myself wanting anything more.  I had a little snack later in the evening, but it was good.  Chewing sugar free gum helps too!  We are allowed to drink pop like Coke Zero.  I decided to get one today when I was having my cravings at Canadian Tire.  It didn’t help since I don’t really drink pop and when I do I usually eat chips or something like that with it.  So I think I associated the pop with junk food.  Not a good thing!

Now I am going to head to bed and start the day again.  But tomorrow is Day 4!  My last day on the attack phase!  How exciting.  Friday I can eat veggies – but as I read tonight only certain ones.  That’s ok with me!  I’m game.  I’ll fill you in on the Cruise Phase on Friday.

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast:  Dukan Galette (see DAY 2) and some turkey bacon (which I don’t get tomorrow because I used my daily portion of oat bran on home made chicken strips).  I love this little galette, it is pretty tasty.
Morning Snack: Fat Free Lemon Meringue Pie Yogurt (we can have flavoured yogurt but not with chunks of anything in it).  If you can find me another flavour like cappuccino that is Fat Free you would be awarded the title of Being Awesome!
Lunch: 1/2 can tuna mixed with dill and greek yogurt, boiled egg, slice of fat free cheese
Afternoon Snack: salmon steak (I don’t think it will make a huge deal that it was cooked in oil n flour…I hope.  Wish I had of known!)
Supper:  Hamburger with salad herbs and Mrs. Dash mixed with greek yogurt and a fat free cheese slice.
Evening Snack: the meringue yogurt and a little bit of seafood chowder Dukan style.
Liquid: coffee, tea, Coke Zero, and lots of water!

*Exciting Stuff*
My friend who is doing this with me is also writing about her experience on this diet.  She has a bit of a different take on it so be sure to visit her blog and encourage her!  She has posted some information about the diet, recipes, and what her journey has been like!  Visit Life as a Suitcase

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