Hey Everyone,

So, it was a much busier week visiting my parents then I expected and so I haven’t gotten my blog moved yet.  I wanted to get my Dukan Diet series better situated so it was easier to navigate, and that hasn’t happened yet either.  This week I’ve been sick.  I’m getting better!  WooHoo!  Then there is school.  So enough with the excuses already!  And guess what else is almost up…. the Dukan Diet!

Before I get on to the Dukan Diet let me just say I love blogging and I am going to get things underway again as soon as I can.  I need to make sure that school work is getting done too, which right now is a little bit more important.  I might have to post once a week for now and hold off on the switch for a bit…  The switch will come, just at a later date.  It will be here before you know it, that you won’t even know it!

All righty then, there you have it.  You will just have to wait for WordPress… really it won’t affect you much at all, but it will be better for me, which means better for you!

And Guess what!?  One Week from tomorrow and I will be on the final phase of the Dukan Diet!  Say What!?  That’s right!  I’m pretty sure that I will be able to squeeze in a blog next Saturday to tell you all how this phase has been going.  Especially the last couple of weeks… yikes… has not been easy!   What hasn’t been easy is finding posts on the Dukan Diet.  If you go to the right side of my blog and look for “Labels” and click on “Dukan Diet” the posts should come up.  I will be making it easier to find them, but for now, that’s where you can go.  I learned all about how to do a blog series so that it is more organized…now I just have to put it in to practice!

No question today – it’s a freebie!  But I would still love to hear from you!

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