It has been a journey!  I’m finally on the last day of the Consolidation Phase of the Dukan Diet – which means I’m done, kind of.  Tomorrow I start the “rest of my life phase”.  I’ve lost …. wait, I thought I would bring you my update through a video blog …. you can find out how much I’ve lost by watching.

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I’m part of a blogging community ( where we were all challenged this month to make a video blog and not edit it (seeing I don’t know how to use my program well yet that’s not a problem). I’ll try to keep it shorter next time!  It’s challenging when you have a cold and hoping you don’t have to blow your nose in the middle of the video!  But I wanted to bring it to you today since its my last day of the the third phase of the Dukan Diet – which means I’m pretty much done with it, besides the phase for life.

— About the Dukan Diet phase for life:
—- Keep the foods in the Consolidation Phase as your safety backup
—- Protein Thursdays
—- No more elevators or escalators and at least 20 min of walking a day
—- 3 tbsp of oat bran a day
— How much weight have I lost in 69 days?
—- You’ll have to watch the video to find out!
— What I’ve learned
—- My body doesn’t handle starches, white flour, too much sugar, and pork very well
—- Water is super important
—- Get in the exercise!
— What’s next and a little advice
—- I’m gonna eat the same but add back other stuff
—- Not gonna overdose on the other stuff
—- Maintain exercise
—- I’ll follow the phase for life
—- Get the book if you are going to do the Dukan Diet, read and re-read, stick to it, make a plan,
drink lots of water!

I’ve been chip and candy free for 69 days!  Wow!  That is amazing for me to say!

If I can do it, so can you!

What are you going to do to keep a healthy lifestyle? Or do you even worry about it? I would love to hear from you! Click on “Comments” below and leave me a word or two or more.

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