tips for healthy eatingThe following is the Instagram Post from my second day of the 21 Day Fix Round 1:

I’ve started a new exercise and healthy eating plan. #21dayfix from #beachbody

Today’s lunch is 2 green, 1 red, and 1 yellow container. Be sure to like and follow!

3 tips for healthy eating.

  1. Put it on a plate to help learn portion size. Hey and in one meal I’m getting a wide range of food groups.
  2. Enjoy your meal. It’s important to enjoy your meal so make a place setting at the table and really taste your food. Light candles. Use the wine goblet for your water. Be fancy. Try doing it at work too, even if you might look silly. Stop to eat. Don’t eat in front of the computer, TV, or book/paper.
  3. Keep a journal. I’m keeping a daily journal of what I eat and when I eat it. The second page is to write how the day went – my highs and lows. I do it by hand, but you can the same online or word doc too. Don’t forget to get that water intake!

By the way I’ll be posting here on #instagramdaily and turning some of these into posts for my blog. It’s one way to keep myself motivated and maybe spread the motivation to you too!

What are you doing to get healthy?

Note: The green container is veggies (spinach and shredded carrot). The Red container is lean protein (grilled chicken with herbs/spices). The Yellow container is carbs (quinoa).

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