travelling mealsFriends and I travelled to Cape Breton while I was doing the Fix. I pre-packed a salad and ate it while the girls and I were at Tims! It was a bit awkward at first, but why am I going to sabotage a great thing by eating at Tims. even though they might have some “healthy” options, I decided to have prep a big salad so I wouldn’t be tempted. Be sure to prepare for travelling, even if you might feel a bit awkward with your friends. Or make sure there are healthy options on the menu.

When we were on the trip, they wanted to go to Swiss Chalet. Thankfully they were great supporters and after telling them that it would be too difficult for me to go there, we chose a different restaurant to eat out. At the time, I didn’t have the will power to say no to Swiss’ fries. I love their fries!

What’s your biggest food temptation while you’re travelling? Could you say NO?

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