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ShakeologyI think this is my most favorite Shakeology mix to date!

Chocolate Shakeology, frozen cherries, and cold coffee.

Amazingly delicious!

If your counting, and if you’re on the fix then you are, it counts as 1 red and 1 purple.

When I started the Fix I wasn’t so sure about Shakeology. After having Shakeology ever day I started to have more energy and ummm…. become more regular. I know part of that has to do with healthy eating, drinking more water, and exercise, but even now as I have started taking Shakeology again without the exercise and the eating plan, I can tell that it is making a difference. They have a few different flavours and it actually tastes good!

You don’t have to use Shakeology. You can use a protein powder or just start creating your own shakes/smoothies which will help you get in your daily fruit and veggies.

What’s your favourite flavour of Shakeology? Or What’s your favourite ingredients for the best smoothie? 

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