First off, sorry this post is so late in the evening!  I ended up going out for the afternoon and evening, which made for a very interesting time!

A few things before I get to how Day 2 went.  If you are contemplating doing this diet, please read the book!  Don’t just follow this blog.  I am leaving a lot out! Also, please make sure you listen to your body!  If you are not reacting well to the diet, stop!

I know I will be listening to my body, as I am not a huge meat eater in the first place.  That is why there are some meats I won’t be eating.  I will probably focus more on chicken, turkey, and fish as red meats don’t always settle right with me if I eat too much of them.  Gotta remember I get to eat dairy and eggs too!

I am glad I only have to do the Attack Phase for 4 days.  This phase can last from anywhere from 1 – 10 days depending on how much weight you want to loose.  The book and website helps you determine your true weight, making sure it is a realistic goal for you.

I also have someone who is doing it along side me, so we have accountability to each other.  This person has been on it for a bit now, but is redoing the attack phase with me.  I think it would be hard to do it on your own.  Especially when everyone else is eating everything else!  It makes me feel for the person who started it before me!

Now on to how my day went!

Day 2 is over!  Only 2 more days to go in the attack phase!  This morning I stepped on the scale and I am down .8 lbs.  (Please be sure to notice the . (point) before the eight before you get all crazy and think I lost a whopping 8 lbs in 1 day!)

Today I felt normal.  More visits to the bathroom as I have been drinking a lot more water than normal.  Now the eating was interesting along with a visit to the grocery store and already wanting the yummy foods there and I’m only on Day 2!

Here was today’s menu:

Breakfast: Chicken bacon and a Dukan Galette – it’s like a pancake which has oat bran in it. I can have one galette each day. 
Lunch:  Chicken breast with no fat cheese slice on top (it was pretty good).  We are not allowed to use oil or butter so this was done on George (you know – the grill).
Afternoon Snack:  Homemade beef jerky (I mentioned this in yesterday’s update).  It was pretty good, although a bit on the salty side.
Supper: sliced roast beef and no fat yogurt.  This was the interesting part.  I had supper prepared but plans ended up changing so I had to find something to eat at the grocery store.  A small selection on this phase when you don’t have access to cook anything.
Evening Snack:  a nice large boiled free range brown egg (our eggs from the back yard!)

Today was a much longer day, and I am tired.  Although, that could be because it is 1am!  I do have a headache again tonight, but I didn’t get it until after watching War Horse and I cried at the end and then the headache appeared (Have you ever had a headache after crying?  I really cried.  Shoot me!  The movie really got to me, ok!) … and did I mention I’m tired from being up late?

What does tomorrow bring?  I have to work cleaning houses which is pretty physical work.  Hopefully I will find enough fuel in my food to keep me going throughout the day.  I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow night!

Now, I need to get to bed so I can stay awake during work tomorrow!

Thanks for following my progress!  It is definitely encouraging and helping me to stick with it!

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