Trying to live out a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy.  It has it’s ups and downs for sure.  The important thing is to try and find what works best for you.  If part of that is trying to loose weight and then maintaining that weight a component to that could be a diet.  Oh such a bad word now a days.  I’m not talking about a diet that you go on for a few weeks, loose the weight, then go back to your normal eating and then gain back twice the amount.  I’m talking about finding something that works for you and maybe it started out as a diet but then turned into a lifestyle that you can easily maintain.  

I started to think about this after reading a post by my friend Julie.  She started to follow Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules.  (You know – they guy from Biggest Loser).  Since June she has lost 15 lbs and continues on her journey.  Some of these “rules” I’m sure will be easy for her to follow and some will be challenging, but through it I am sure she will find what works and what doesn’t work for her.  These “rules” will come part or not a part of her “healthy lifestyle”.  When you tend to find what works for you in this area you stick with it and it’s not a diet but turns into a part of your healthy lifestyle.

I know of other people that portion size works for them, running every day works for them, the Dukan Diet works for them, staying away from certain foods works for them, whatever it is find something that works for you.  Don’t imitate what worked for someone else because it might not work for you … but then again it just might.  Or maybe a combination of different things might work for you.

Please visit Julie’s blog at Adventures to see how Julie is doing it and to encourage her along the way!

So what works for you when it comes to losing weight or maintaining your goal weight?  Because really that’s what we are talking about here.